My Online Therapy

The World Health Organization estimates 1 million people die each year from suicide.

The story

Elettra Bianchi Dennerlein believes she can reduce this rate by partnering with The Chelsea Clinic to offer a virtual therapy platform people turn to for counseling. Anywhere. Anytime.

Elettra Bianchi Dennerlein

Founder & CEO, My Online Therapy

The challenge

Yet, how would Elettra be able to take her idea to market? We were entrusted with developing a solution and experience for My Online Therapy. The case was to design digital solution.

The solution

Elettra joined Theory’s Innovation Program to take her goal from idea to market.

The process


She began the program with Theory’s Lean Canvas & Market Analysis. From that process came two concepts – a Therapy Marketplace or, a Virtual Clinic.


We went out and ran several in-market experiments to gather data and validate which one of Elettra’s concepts we should pursue.


High quality virtual therapy was in demand in the marketplace. Elettra would need an industry partner with experience in the space to add to her idea’s credibility and onboard her first cohort.

The actions

With this information, Elettra felt a renewed sense of confidence pivoting towards virtual therapy. We helped her conduct partnerships earch and interviews across Europe, from Italy to the UK.

Yet, would we able to find a partner before spending time and money on development?

The results
3 months

– prototype

– industry partner

6 months

– MVP launch

– industry partner

12 months

– revenue

– raised $1M

” I would have never been able to plant, grow and nourish the vision and seed of my idea. It was brought to life thanks to Theory’s input, design guidance and product management. “

Elletra Bianchi Dennerlein

Founder & CEO, My Online Therapy